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Executive Director
Executive Director

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Robyn has taken this credo of a man she admires as a basis of her professional career.  Her creativity has enabled her to develop preschools with unique curriculums, ones which incorporate solutions to specific students’ needs with whimsy and imagination.

Her students have had the opportunity to imagine themselves as chefs, pirates, talk show hosts, physicians and astronauts.  They have walked the red carpet, been ice skating and thrown snowballs (in Florida!), been wedding attendants, danced at a sock hop, and every day at 4:00 pm have marched in a parade.

Robyn brings a passion to all she does, from her early attempt to being the most professional cotton candy entrepreneur in her home state of Massachusetts, to her love of all things Disney, to her 35-year commitment to providing superior preschool training to our nation’s most valuable and perhaps, most neglected, resource. 

She is proud of the collaborative atmosphere of her schools, utilizing each of her teachers’ best talents daily, and even enlisting her husband, Robin, to create the Ollie logo and persona for GoPlay! Academy. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for her profession has encouraged many whom she has mentored to find a calling in preschool teaching and to expand their own imaginations in their curriculums.

Robyn, in short, (not a comment on her height) is a dreamer, a doer, and a believer.


Family has always been important to Jen, whether it be her own or the GoPlay! family.

Since the day after her 18th birthday, Jen has been a part of our GoPlay! family.  She started out as a Potty Patrol Professional, but soon advanced into integral roles in our management.  Miss Jen quickly learned that her experience as a nanny, and the attitude of having a positive influence on all with whom you come in contact, which she learned as a Chik-Fil-A manager, served her well as she grew into her position.   Conversely, GoPlay’s philosophies and learned behaviors have helped Jen become a superior mom.  When Jen married her husband, Tommy, she became both a wife, and a mother to her husband’s 3 young sons.  Jennifer and Tommy expanded their family further with the addition of their son, Joshua 6 years ago and daughter Brooke an almost 2 year old.

Jen’s family are all local, and we hope the closeness she feels toward them will extend to GoPlay!Academy for many years to come.  Jen’s ability to anticipate and alleviate the many stressors faced during a day at our center is just one of her many talents.  Jen is the person responsible for legisitcs of meeting all the various agencies regulation while allowing the GoPlay! Academy creative vision to continue. 

Center Coordinator
Center Coordinator

Whether it is taking care of the tiniest GoPlay Academy children or our 1st grade students, Miss Lesley has the ability. Starting at the center as a part time teacher while finishing her management degree, she is now an intricate part of the center. Her formal education and more importantly her GoPlay! Academy teaching expereince has helped transform Lesley into the an admired and comendable employee. It is hard to beleive that this shy girl is now leading the story time theater production, training other GoPlay! Academy staff and communicating the GoPlay! difference to questioning parents.

We are proud that Lesley has made GoPlay! Academy her home away from home and the tool in which she has used to develop into a great manager.


State childcare certificate # C18SE0165