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In today's world, children need time for childhood! GoPlay! offers a unique approach to preschool. We believe providing each child the opportunity to learn by doing  they develop an active curiosity about the world. Our specially designed curriculum, based on the philosophies of "Beyond Center's and Circle Time" goes beyond traditional preschool. Our dedicated staff expands your child's horizons in a variety of settings. From our miniature play town to our Story Time Theater your child will experience learning opportunities that engage their imagination and critical thinking skills.

At the heart of our preschool program is the belief that children learn through play. Play is their world. Through play, a child learns to solve problems and communicate effectively. We strongly feel that the best educational programs do more than teach children how to count or say the alphabet. We teach to the whole child. Creativity is encouraged. Imaginations are nurtured.  
Self-esteem, good communication skills and values are important goals for our program. Our classes serve 11 or less students which enables us to concentrate on each individual child.


State childcare certificate # C18SE0165