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Thursday, February 01 2018
Lunch the GoPlay! Way.

Lunch the GoPlay! Way

Just like our Café, lunch at GoPlay! is unique. Our retro Café is a reminder of the past, a time when the entire family would gather at the dinner table for meals. There are no cell phones or ipads at our table, there is no TV to watch in our Café. In the GoPlay! Cafe there are no juice boxes, cans of soda, or easy to consume - squirt in your mouth - “what is that?” food.

In the Café, you will hear polite conversation, information sharing, and intelligent discussions. You will see appropriate size bites being taken, utensils being used, and smiles. Our smiles may be coated in food, but yes, we have smiles.

Our banquet table, where the “Lunch Bunch” sit to share a lunch provided by GoPlay!, is located in the center of the café. It is our dinner table, much like the family dinner table of the past. The plates, cups and napkins are passed and the children serve themselves the side items. As with traditional family meals of the past, nobody eats until the adult sits down to join the “family”. Children learn how to determine a polite amount and how to pass a dish, and are introduced to a variety of foods.  Each child is given at least a dab of main course, just in case this is the day that child’s taste buds say “Mmm, I think I like that”, which often happens.

A lunch from home option is also available in the GoPlay! café. The children’s lunches are taken from their lunch boxes and set out on a placemat at a side Café table. Lunch is presented to them at their “reserved” table. Children who bring lunch from home are encouraged to converse with their tablemates while enjoying their meal, as in a restaurant or family dining setting.

For half an hour each day we become a “family”. After a busy morning, this is a time to connect. Discussion between bites adds to the GoPlay! experience. Conversations are spontaneous and unpredictable, though steered in certain directions, and negative topics are discouraged. Our Café is “where the magic happens”, as is every area of Go Play! – the perfect blend of learning, experience, and fun. 

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