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Monday, July 24 2017
What do you want to be...

Does anybody ask children "What do you want to do when you grow up?", anymore?

This question was standards question asked to me when I was introduced  to an adult as I grew up in the 1960's. I have read many stories about Walt Disney asking children he met this very question.

I cannot speak for other children of the 60's, but I remember the answers I gave because they did change form time to time. I wanted to be a "magical" Nanny, and an actress, an interior decorator, a movie director and an owner of a baseball team. I pictured myself in each role I was deteremined to fulfill. Looking at my life now, I think there is a little bit of all of those aspirations in all that I do... with perhaps the exception of the baseball team owner.

So I have begun to ask the children "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I think we all need to aspire to be and do something. Don't you?

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