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Thursday, December 06 2018
A Rose By Any Other Name
“She called us a Daycare!” my employee declared with disdain. She was referring to the latest solicitation phone call. “They clearly did not know who they were calling!” This statement could not have made me happier. 
Why would my employee be upset with being called a Daycare? Pre-school, Nursery school, Academy, Childcare, Early Learning Center or just plain Daycare - what does it matter what it is called? To the folks at GoPlay!, it is a matter of pride. My employee realized that “Daycare” is used to describe the care of children by a child-care center, babysitter, or other provider while parents are working. Many organizations using the label of  “Daycare” provide only a portion of what GoPlay! provides. These daycares may also have added negative attributes with which GoPlay! employees do not want to be associated. It is refreshing to know that our employees are concerned with the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about GoPlay!
Though GoPlay! provides services governed by the same local authority and licensing body as other childcare businesses, there are some key differences between GoPlay! and daycare. Cost may not be one of the differences; many daycare centers cost the same or more than GoPlay! The difference is in the specific educational approach. GoPlay! describes itself as an educationally focused school, whereas daycares are known as custodial non-parental care. Our staff refers to Go Play!, more often than not, as a preschool because, as in a conventional preschool, children are separated by ages, and group sizes are small. Unlike most preschools, however, we offer flexibility when it comes to hours, which allows working parents to personalize their child’s schedule.
Still, it is not our group sizes, flexibility or cost that drives GoPlay! employees to have a high opinion of their place of employment. These employees recognize that the commitment they make to each young child’s development is unparalleled. GoPlay! employees go to great lengths to give personal attention and provide a remarkable curriculum to each child in their care. As is, unfortunately, the case with most teachers, commendations are not received, public praise is not awarded, and merit badges are not distributed to our faithful employees.  None the less, GoPlay! employees are proud to consider themselves early childhood educators versus daycare providersEarly childhood educator, by any other name, would surely not smell as sweet.
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