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Choosing to send your child to our Kindergsarten or 1st grade
is like buying them a winning lottery ticket. 

Our super, small class size and indivisdualized instruction coupled with our hands-on curriculum is the combinition needed for success. 
Not to mention, we do it all without assigning homework so you can have stress free evenings and weekends.

GoPlay! Academy will be offers a unique, hands-on approach to kindergarten.

At GoPlay! Academy, Children will be able to step out of the traditional classroom setting and enter into a world where anything is possible! In a group no larger than 11, children travel to seprate learning centers throughout our 9,000 sq. ft. facility. With each center rotation, the children are able to refocus their attention and become excited for their next adventure. Whether it is art, science or dramatic play, the children always know they can expect something completely new and exciting. Students become open to learning because they never have time to be "bored".

We strongly feel that the best educational programs do more than teach children how to count or say the alphabet. We teach to the whole child. Creativity is encouraged. Imaginations are nurtured. Self-esteem, good communication skills and values are important goals for our program. Our small class sized enable us to concentrate on these goals and teach each individual child.


State childcare certificate # C18SE0165