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The GoPlay! Difference

Our structured playful environment is unlike ordinary child development centers. We structure play so that every experience becomes a learning experience whether the children are aware of this or not. There is no such thing as “I don’t want to” simply because every activity is interesting and each teacher is excited to present that activity. 

 GoPlay!’s unique facility and schedule. Having the ability to move from play center to play center really opens up the doors of opportunity to children. With each center rotation, the children are able to refocus their attention and become excited for their next adventure. Whether it is the art area, the science area or our dramatic play time, the children always know they can expect something completely new and exciting. At GoPlay! the children become open to learning because they never have time to be “bored” and the teachers are readily available to provide Individual  instruction.

 Our students become completely immersed in an imaginary, entertaining atmosphere the minute they walk through the doors of GoPlay! As opposed to having one classroom and therefore one teacher, our children become exposed to a variety of different personalities yet all instructors share and direct the same clear expectations. GoPlay! children become a part of a small community with several mentors as opposed to one large class with one teacher. At GoPlay! all teachers take part in shaping the child’s day and overall experience. Plus, The sense of community becomes complete with our GoPlay! mentorship programs. During our exclusive morning and afternoon programs, the older children and younger children pair up to help one another. The younger children can break away from their same age group and have children to look up to too. This too has the same positive effect on the older children being that they put in extra effort to meet the expectation of being a role model. Cross-generational involvement has proven to be such a progressive practice that some children even call the best part of their day.

 Although all of our activities are scaffolded to fit multiple age groups on different levels, GoPlay! acknowledges the need for children to learn and work at their own pace. Montessori learning styles are implemented at GoPlay! Two of the eight play areas are completely based on a Montessori style to ensure that GoPlay! is able to provide the best of all worlds available.

GoPlay! is a unique environment made solely for your child’s growth. When you choose GoPlay! you choose all that we offer and all that we stand for.

Your child! 


State childcare certificate # C18SE0165